“Cookie” management guidelines

As a result of the amended Directive on privacy and electronic communications (2002/58/EC), cookies used for targeting advertisements on a behavioral basis may be placed on user computers only upon stakeholders’ approval.
They can be used to trace internet users: based on the pages they visit, their lifestyle and sphere of interest can be mapped up, and their habits can be identified. The data thus obtained can then be used for building up a fairly accurate personality profile, based on which precise and personalized advertising messages can reach their destination, therefore they will represent higher value and can be sold at higher prices.
When first visiting the Bank’s website, you expressly approve by clicking on the ‘I ACCEPT’ button that in the course of browsing, the webpage may automatically save information by placing cookies in your browser to be able to collect information on your sphere of interest through your anonymous online activities This makes it possible to display customized advertisements for you.
The Bank will
  • store session data to identify the user – this is automatically deleted on exit
  • store the display / acceptance of the cookie warning for 360 days.
If you do not wish to see personalized advertising offers, you can disable “cookie” management in your browser (this will not protect you from advertisements, but advertisements will not be displayed with the target settings above), or for more information you can click on the following links:

Please note that we cannot guarantee the proper functioning of all webpage functions if “cookies” are disabled. In such a case, the webpage may operate differently from plans in your browser.
The information used is saved only in your browser and are not shared with any third party. Please be informed that cookies in themselves cannot identify visitors.