MasterCard Gold bankcard

Premium bankcard with high prestige

MasterCard Gold bankcard

The bankcards issued by Sberbank Magyarország Zrt. are modern cashless payment instruments that cardholders can use both in Hungary and abroad to pay for goods and services via the network of the MasterCard international card company.
To ensure the safe use of bankcards, we offer our customers additional, supplementary services such as the Sberbank SMS service.

The MasterCard Gold bankcard is an embossed chip-equipped bankcard of outstanding prestige, which offers the holder unparalleled attention anywhere in the world. The settlement of transactions is linked to a current account, and the card can also be used for internet banking. In addition, our MasterCard Gold cardholder Customers enjoy the benefits of an international travel insurance plan that comes with the card automatically. For more information about the terms of the insurance, please visit our website ( or one of our branches.

With your MasterCard Gold card you can also sign up for the MasterCard Premium Selection program and benefit from exclusive offers. For more information about the current offers and the details of joining the program, please visit the website.

Additional Services

SMS service

As part of the service, we send an SMS (Short Message Service) message to you mobile phone about each transaction executed with the bankcard. You can specify:

  • the cards for which you request messages

  • the transactions for which you request messages

  • the language of the messages

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