MoneyGram money transfer

What does MoneyGram money transfer service mean?

  • MoneyGram is a global network of money transfer service with 300.000 locations over 197 countries. MoneyGram is a quick and safe method of money transfer.

To whom can we offer this service?

  • Anyone, who needs to send or receive money quickly anywhere in the world as eg family support, pocket or sending money.  Resident an non-resident individual clients age above 18 can use this service in Sberbank Hungary branches. 

Advantages of the money transfer service

  • Quick: Your money is where it’s needed in 10 minutes at any of 300.000 MoneyGram locations depending on opening hours*. *Please, ask more information about local regulation and hours of operation of receiving country at our branches.

  • Easy: Visit any of our Sberbank branches which provides MoneyGram service where after completing a simple form and providing us with your personal identification data you can use the service

  • Convenient: Opening bank account or having bankcard isn’t necessary to apply for this service

  • Safe: All of MoneyGram transfers will be accompanied with a reference number so it easy to follow the status of your transfer

What kind of currency and how much money can you send?

  • You can send only EURO from our Sberbank Hungary branches and receive EURO or USD at our branches.

  • One client can send max. 14 000 EUR daily, max. 7 000 EUR per transaction. Client can receive 7 000 EUR or 10 000 USD per transaction at our branches.

If you would like to send money:

  • 1.   Please, visit one of our branches for detailed information and our colleague will complete a money Send form in MoneyGram system. /If you don’t have EUR, first you have to exchange HUF or other currencies for EUR to use our service/.

  • 2.   After presentation of any of your ID documents, give the completed Send form and cash you wish to send and sending fee to our branch colleague. After sending money please keep the Send form which is provided by the reference number.

  • 3.   Please inform the beneficiary about your money transfer and the reference number as soon as possible.

  • 4.   Wherever is the beneficiary in the world, he or she can receive the money in 10 minutes at the nominated MoneyGram location, /depening on its opening hours/.

If you would like to receive money:

  • 1.   The sender informs you about the amount of money, sending reference number and needed documents.

  • 2.   Certify yourself with one of the ID documents listed above and our colleague fills a Receive form in MoneyGram system. Please, don’t forget to provide the Send form with the reference number and the name of sender.

  • 3.   Our branch colleague records your data in MoneyGram system and check the availability of the received money. If the money is available, upon your identification we pay out the money.

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