Pocket money bank account

First steps toward the financial world

Pocket money bank account

Your best choice, if

  • you would like to manage your finances like the grown-ups do;

  • the piggybank is not your preferred solution to collect your pocket money.

With the Pocket Money Account Package you can experience first hand how to do your banking like the grown-ups do. You can make informed decisions about how to manage your pocket money.

Content of the account package

  • One retail HUF bank account

  • One bankcard: Maestro

  • Sberbank Telebank call centre access

Favourable account opening conditions

  • No account opening fee

Favourable account management conditions

  • No monthly account management fee

  • Sberbank Online – internet-based electronic banking services – for the token required for using the service, a one-off preferential application/replacement fee is charged

  • Monthly Mobile Banking fee with 50% discount

  • Free of charge administration channel via the Sberbank Telebank call centre

  • Substantial fee discounts for intra-bank ad hoc payment orders

  • Substantial fee discount for the issue of bankcard

  • No fee for first cash withdrawal each month from a domestic Sberbank ATM, with additional discounts provided for the second ATM cash withdrawal*

  • Free bankcard transactions

  • To enhance security, card use limits can be set flexibly, as required

  • 0.10% sight interest

  • Once you turn 18, you will be granted the conditions of the Minima Account Package automatically

  • Once you reach the upper eligibility age limit, you can switch to the Student Account or Optima Account Packages free of charge

When can you apply for the Pocket Money Account Package?

  • If you are below 18.

  • If you have a valid personal identity card or passport and an address card

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