Szimpla bank account

Available for the purpose of deposit placement; limited access, zero-fee account

Your best choice, if

  • You wish to place a deposit

  • FOR THE TIME BEING you cannot or do not want to use any other banking services or bear their costs

With the Szimpla retail bank account, you can meet the account management criterion prescribed for deposit placements; for this account type the Bank offers free account management.
The Szimpla bank account is ideal if you do not need a current account for the time being. The use of this account type is restricted; Szimpla bank account holders not receive a bankcard or Sberbank Online services. Only personal administration is permitted; via the Sberbank Telebank service you may only request information.
In the framework of our zero-fee promotion, when you switch to any other account package, you can change your account management conditions free of charge at any time to suit your changed needs.

Favourable account opening conditions

  • no charge for account opening

  • available in 5 currencies (HUF, EUR, USD, CHF, GBP)

Favourable account management conditions

  • zero monthly account management fee

  • bank account statement free of charge

  • promotional switching to a different account package for no fee

  • information channel via the Sberbank Telebank call centre with no monthly fee

  • 0.10% sight interest

When can you apply for a Szimpla Private Bank Account?

  • If you are 18 or older.

  • If you do not yet have a Standard retail bank account, an account package or ordinary bank account with our Bank.

  • If you have a valid personal identity card, driver’s licence card, or a passport and an address card.

  • If you place a deposit in the same currency as the account currency simultaneously with the account opening.

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