Market rate housing loan

For home purchase and renovation at market rate

You should take our Market Rate Housing Loan, if

  • you wish to purchase a new or a second-hand flat

  • you wish to build a house

  • you wish to modernise or renovate your existing property

Product features:

  • Simple and transparent HUF-denominated loan scheme with preferential interest rate

  • After disbursement, the Bank credits the fee for the appraisal and the notarial deed to the customer’s account as a bonus.

  • You can also choose a scheme with a grace period; in this case, for the duration of the grace period, you only have to pay interest to the Bank.

  • The bridging loan scheme provides a solution when you have found your new home already, but your old property is yet to be sold.

  • You can also apply for the loan in combination with the Fundamenta home advance savings plan, or under the “Fészekrakó” (Nesting) scheme

Our Bank developed three offers depending on the ratio of the market value of the real property offered as collateral and the amount of the loan taken

Product features Value

Minimum loan amount

HUF 1 million


5 - 30 years

Reference rate

variable, based on 6-month BUBOR with 6-month interest fixing

The loan is available for:

  • resident and EU citizen non-resident natural persons

  • natural persons of 18 or above, with unlimited capacity of action and a confirmed income corresponding to at least the minimum wage

  • those with no outstanding public debt and with a credit rating accepted by the bank, provided that they are not included in the Central Credit Information System (CCIS) with negation information

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