Fixed-term deposits

Get to know our attractive deposit fixing offers!

Fixed-term deposits

We recommend our fixed-term deposit structures to you if you seek to accrue interest on your savings securely and predictably.


Find out about our HUF and foreign currency deposit products with terms tailored to your needs.

You can open HUF and foreign currency deposit accounts of various maturities according to the terms and conditions indicated in the announcements.
The announcements include our promotional offers for savings with premium interest rates, denominated not only in HUF, but also in EUR, USD and RUB.
Separately agreed interest rates and maturities can be arranged according to the terms and conditions defined in the announcements.
All deposit structures offered by Sberbank Zrt. are covered by a deposit insurance provided by the National Deposit Insurance Fund (NDIF).

For the detailed conditions for time deposits, please see the current Announcements of Sberbank Magyarország Zrt, and consult the prevailing General Terms of Contract for a detailed description of the deposit contract.

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