Sberbank Money Market Investment Fund

An investment option with no fixed holding period

Sberbank Money Market Investment Fund

Relying on the principle of prudence and ensuring ample liquidity, the goal of the Fund is to provide holders of investment fund shares with returns competitive to those on deposits in the often volatile Hungarian money and capital market.

Investment funds can be purchased without restriction by resident and non-resident private individuals and companies alike.

The Fund invests a substantial part of its equity into deposits and short-term government securities deposited with the Bank acting as Custodian.

Sberbank Hungary Ltd offers investment fund-related services with especially attractive fees and commissions.


  • Ample liquidity: as their is no pre-determined holding period, you have access to the invested amount or any portion of it on any trading day, at low cost.

  • The funds seek to diversify risks.

  • Transparent: Thanks to the daily publication of investment fund prices, you can monitor the value of your investment fund shares and their yields day after day.


  • General financial risk: Due to the increasingly integrated nature of global money markets and capital markets, the security markets of a specific country or region may be influenced by changes in the capital market conditions of other countries and regions. These short and medium-term fluctuations may have a negative impact on the value of investment fund assets and consequently, the daily prices of investment fund shares/units.

  • Yield risk: The yields achievable on the funds cannot be predicted with certainty across the various holding periods. Yields change in function of the market events affecting the securities in the portfolio.

Please refer to the “Guide to investing” published by the European Security Market Authority (ESMA) with a view to improving consumer confidence in the overall financial system and enhancing investor protection.

For the trading of investment fund securities, you need to open a security account and a client account at any branch of Sberbank Hungary Ltd.

For the fees and conditions related to investments, please refer to the Terms and Conditions for Securities.

For further information, see the Official Product Information and Monthly Reports issued by the fund, visit our branches or call the Sberbank Telebank at +36-1-5-57-58-59.

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