Important changes from 14th September 2019.

Please read our information on the PSD2 Directive and SCA Regulation, which is mandatory from 14th September 2019.
Dear Clients,
We would like to draw your attention to the fact that Sberbank Hungary Zrt. (hereinafter: the Bank) will apply strong customer authentication according to the so-called PSD2 Directive (the "Second Payment Directive" of the European Union) and to the so-called SCA Regulation, defining the details thereof, in the course of providing the Sberbank Online Banking (Netbank) services from the date of 14th September 2019.
What does this mean in practice?
The Sberbank Online Banking (Netbank) login interface will be expanded with a variable code field - that is provided via SMS/text message -, which is required every time you log in.
This code will be sent via SMS/text message to the mobile telephone number provided by the Client to the Bank.
From 14th September 2019, Netbank login will be restricted for our Customers who have not yet signed up to SMS code, until they enter into the respective agreement.
I am a Sberbank client but I do not have an SMS Token and have not registered a mobile number to the bank. What should I  do?

After logging in to the Sberbank Online Banking (Netbank) interface, you will be able to sign up to the SMS Token in a pop-up window, if you are eligible. If you are not eligible for signing up this way, please contact your relationship manager or visit one of our branches.
Additional information:
The Hard Token – used to be exclusively applied on Sberbank Online Banking (Netbank) - will no longer keep its single signatory function. The main tool of signing transactions will be the SMS Token (variable) code, which the Bank will send to the telephone number, provided in the contract by the Client. The default limit for the SMS Token is HUF 2 million for retail users and HUF 10 million for micro and corporate customers. Deviation from this is possible in contract.
For orders exceeding the SMS Token limit, the use of the SMS Token and the Hard Token together is required up to the customer- or account limit. In addition to the Token code, each transaction can be approved with the re-entering of the login password.
Changes to Online Card Payments from 14 of September 2020.

Additional security features will be added to the online payment process:

• in the new process, if the place of acceptance is capable of handling strong customer authentication, you will need to type your 6-digit online payment password on the appropriate screen,
• together with the one-time code sent by the Bank to your mobile phone via SMS/text message.
Where can I find my online payment password?

You can find your 6-digit online payment password in the following places.
If you are a retail bank account holder (main cardholder):
• The 6-digit identifier from the bank account number from 9th to 14th characters
(Ex: in case of this account number 14101001-12345600-99000000 the 6-digit identifier is: 123456)
• 6-digit cardholder account number on your debit card contract.
If you are a retail partner card- or corporate card holder:
• 6-digit cardholder account number on your debit card contract.

Please send e-mail to for more information.