Partner Fix business account

This account package is offered to clients with a lower monthly turnover. No extra conditions apply.

Partner Fix business account

Your best choice, if

  • your business has a lower account turnover,

  • low account management fees are important for you,

  • you regularly use your debit card,

  • the primary purpose of the account is to manage the incoming and outgoing FX flow of international transfers

  • you would like having a ‘virtual assistant’ to help your business as part of a complex offering.

Under the motto “small yet powerful”, clients with a BusinessFix Account are rewarded through debit card usage and international FX transfers.

Advantages already at account opening

  • No opening fee

  • No minimum balance required

Favourable terms in account management

  • Comprehensive banking services at affordable rates.

  • Zero-fee domestic HUF transfers

  • Zero-fee transfers between own accounts

  • Zero-fee cash deposits *

  • Very low account management fee

  • Flexible access when applying for debit card and/or Sberbank SMS

  • Lower withdrawal fee for the first 3 transactions of each month within Sberbank’s Hungarian ATM network

  • Low fee for debit card purchases

  • Discount one-time token application fee for Sberbank Online – Sberbank business online services

  • 0.10% interest on demand

  • Switch now to BusinessFix at no cost (except when moving from a BusinessFlex account). Offer valid through 30 July 2013Zero-fee helpdesk channels:

    • Sberbank Telebank telephone customer service
    • Sberbank Online banking

* Up to the maximum amounts specified for bag deposits.

In addition to the above benefits in account management, if you apply for a BusinessFix Account – and unless you instruct us otherwise – you will also receive an integrated, next-generation mobile business administration software as a complimentary gift to help your business go even further. With its five separate modules, the software provides professional solutions to manage your everyday and long-term business needs.

When can You apply for the Partner Fix Account Package?

If you are a legal resident, you will need the following documents:

  • extract from trade register no more than 30 days old, registration by the Court of Registry and duly issued certificate thereof

  • official license or permit if required for your company operations

  • tax number and KSH number

  • deed of foundation, bylaws and articles of association

  • specimen signature

  • Identification documents of persons authorised for representation

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